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Art Exhibits and Displays

The Godino Wing on the Adult Services level holds exhibits and displays of local groups, individuals, and special featured events. Visit the Library today! For more information, contact the library at 603-772-3101.

Interested in displaying your work? Fill out the online Artist Interest Form  here. The program coordinator will contact you soon, or call the library.

Here are the forms and guidelines to print out for your reference:

                        March Artist

                        Jren Blackwell

About The Artist


Jren is an independent artist based in Boston, MA.  Their series I Have To Be Visible/I Have To Hide is a manifestation of the emotions surrounding their gender transition and what it means to be visibly trans and queer in today’s political climate.  To be visible is to provide hope and solidarity to others with similar identities; to hide is to conform, to preserve one’s safety.  Those of us who mask our disabilities, our mannerisms, or other aspects of our identities all understand this weighted decision. 


In addition to complex emotions and the queer experience, Jren’s work celebrates the beauty and enchantment of the natural world, often with a fantastical twist.  Since graduating from Wheaton College in Norton, MA (BA Studio Art and German), they have shown paintings in a variety of art shows, including Salon 2022 at Kimball Jenkins in Concord, NH, and Sweetness and Light at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH. 


A self-proclaimed “bard of many trades,” Jren has several artistic pursuits in addition to painting, including enamel pin design, poetry composition, and pride merchandise design.  You can find miniature acrylic paintings and fantasy animal enamel pins in Jren’s Etsy shop, Rabenfedercraft.  Rabenfeder is German for “raven feather.”  

2023 March Artist- Jren Blackwell (Instagram Post (Square)).png

Past EPL Exhibits 2022

Past EPL Exhibits 2021

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