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Movies Scene

Movies are shown every week. The programs are free and open to the public. Exeter Public Library is located at 4 Chestnut Street in Exeter, NH.

For more information on this or any of our upcoming movies, contact the library at 603-772-3101.

Movies at the Exeter Public Library
Tuesday, March 7 @ 2 PM
3.7.23 movie image.jpg

2022 Drama. Growing up in post-WWII era Southwest, a young aspiring filmmaker discovers a secret that threatens to shatter his family. Armed with a camera, he uses movies to delight his mother and find his own truth.

Rated PG-13

Wednesday, March 22 @ 2 PM
in honor of World Water Day
3.22.23 movie image.jpg

2019 Legal Thriller. Based on true events, this film dramatizes a legal battle against a chemical manufacturing company after a town is contaminated with unregulated chemicals. This movie is being screened in honor of World Water Day, an annual United Nation day of observance to raise awareness and inspire action to tackle the worldwide water and sanitation crisis.  

Rated PG-13

Tuesday, March 21 @ 2 PM
3.21.23 movie image.jpg

2019 Documentary. An artful portrait of a legendary American writer, this film examines her life, her works, and the powerful themes she confronted throughout her storied career. Featuring interviews with literary and cultural luminaries as well as the author herself, it portrays “an exploration of race, America, history, and the human condition as seen through the prism of her own literature.”

Rated PG-13

Tuesday, March 28 @ 2 PM
3.28.23 movie image.jpg

2020 period Romantic Comedy. In Regency-Era England, a beautiful, smart, and wealthy – but also nosey and selfish – young woman navigates her way through misguided matches, romantic missteps, and the challenges of growing up. To paraphrase the author of the beloved classic on which it is based, if we loved this movie any less, we might be able to talk about it more!

March 14
Full-Day Star Wars Marathon
Visit the Teen Scene for more details


March 16 is Oscar Celebration Day!
The library will host a full day of Oscar should-have-wons

10 AM

3.16.23 10AM movie image.jpg

1944 Musical Romance. Divided into a series of seasonal vignettes, this movie spans a year in the life of a turn-of the-century family as they prepare for the upcoming World’s Fair. In the end, love – accompanied by song, dance, and glorious Technicolor –conquers all.  For decades, the leading lady dance and sang her way into our hearts, but was somehow denied the gold.

Not Rated

12 PM

3.16.23 12PM movie image.jpg

1953 Film Noir. A Catholic priest’s faith is put to the test when he comes under suspicion of murder. He knows who did it, as the real murderer confessed to him, but he cannot share the information with police, even if it means putting his life on the line. This classic film was helmed by an iconic director of the 20th century and stars a larger-than life leading man, both of whom were denied a gold statue for their careers.

Not Rated

1:30 PM

3.16.23 130PM movie image.png

1955 Comedy. When his family leaves the city for the summer, a hitherto faithful husband with an overactive imagination is tempted by his beautiful neighbor. Starring one of Old Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars, this effervescent tale includes an iconic scene above a subway grate. Pop culture was never the same afterwards!

Not Rated

3:30 PM

3.16.23 330PM movie image.jfif

1982 Action-Adventure. A giant of 1980s cinema, this movie offers both a rollicking science fiction fantasy and a touching coming-of-age tale. Witness a story that brings all the magic of movies to a simple tale of friendship, as a troubled young boy and his interstellar visitor become friends and try to find the way home.  Even the director of the film who won Best Picture that year said this movie should have won!

Rated PG

5:30 PM

3.16.23 530PMmovie image.jpg

1993 Music Biopic. Based on the life of a legendary soul and pop singer, this movie tracks the rise of a young Tennessee choir girl as she reaches the heights of fame. After suffering abuse at the hands of her equally famous husband, she finds the courage to stake out her own path and claim her name. This is tour-de-force performance for its lead actress, who has gone on to become a Hollywood legend.

Rated R

April Movies

The Library will continue to do afternnon screenings only, Tuesdays at 2 PM

4.4.23 movie image.jpg

April 4 movie:

2022 Action-Adventure Comedy. During a disastrous book tour, a reclusive romance novelist and her hunky cover model get swept up in an outlandish kidnapping plot. Soon enough they are racing through the jungle, trying to escape a billionaire hellbent on discovering the riches in an ancient burial chamber, but not so fast that they can’t get to know each other a little better…

Rated PG-13

Run Time: 1 hr 52 min

4.18.23 movie image.jpg

April 18 movie:

2021 Documentary. Featuring interviews, personal archives, and newly-discovered audio clips, this film documents the complicated history of a silent-era film legend. Born to poverty in the slums of Victorian London, the one-time vaudevillian rose to meteoric heights in early Hollywood, only to fall from grace in scandal, culminating in an almost twenty-year exile from his adopted country. This film provides a thoughtful look at creativity, artistic genius, and the contradictory legacy of a cinematic pioneer.

Not Rated

Run Time: 1 hr 54 min

4.11.23 movie image.jpg

April 11 movie:  

1948 Musical Comedy. Saying he can turn anyone into a dancer, a nightclub performer tries to make his former partner jealous. He hires the first person he sees, an adorable chorus girl who unfortunately suffers from left/right confusion. There’s no confusion about their attraction, however, and love prevails in glorious Technicolor! This celluloid confection (the highest grossing musical of its year and the 2nd highest grossing musical of the 1940s) contains classic tunes from an iconic American composer.  

Rated G

Run Time: 1 hr 43 min

4.22.23 movie image.jpg

April 22 movie:

2017 Documentary. Using breakthroughs in filmmaking technology, an intrepid team of wildlife photographers capture the awesome beauty of nature over the course of 24 hours.  Shifting from exotic jungles to perilous mountains and far-flung islands, the lens follows a compelling cast of animals as they try to survive and thrive in the world. Wonder is all around!

This film is being screened in celebration of Earth Day and will begin at 11:00 AM.  

Rated G

Run Time: 1 h 35 min

April 25 movie:

2012 Adventure-Drama. After a disaster at sea, a young man is hurtled into an epic journey of survival. His dire situation is made even more fraught by the presence of his unlikely companion, a Bengal tiger.  Based on an international best-selling novel, this movie offers viewers both technical and emotional rewards.

Rated PG

Run Time: 2 hrs 5 min

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