Movies Scene

Movies are shown every week. The programs are free and open to the public. Exeter Public Library is located at 4 Chestnut Street in Exeter, NH.

For more information on this or any of our upcoming movies, contact the library at 603-772-3101.

Movies at the Exeter Public Library
Tuesday, November 22 @ 10 AM
Black and white photo of a man sitting on a piano stool

2021 Documentary. This film chronicles the life of an iconic – and iconoclastic – author and his 25-year friendship with the documentarian who set out to document him.

Tuesday, December 6 @ 10 AM
12.6.22 Woman getting fitted for a dress  by a male.png

December 6 movie: 2022 Historical Comedy-Drama. In 1950s London, a cleaning lady falls in love with a designer dress and travels to France, determined to get one of her own. A magical confection of a story! RATED PG

Tuesday, December 20 @ 10 AM
Penguins marching in a line in a cold snowy place

 December 20 movie: 2005 Nature Documentary. Penguins, penguins everywhere! These hardy (and adorable) creatures endeavor to find a mate and form a family in some of the harshest environs on earth. RATED G

Tuesday, November 29 @ 10 AM
Picture of a girl with a feather in nature

2022 Mystery-Thriller Drama. Based on a surprise international best-selling book, a young woman comes of age in the Deep South. Abandoned as a child, she raises herself in the marshes and becomes entangled with two young men who love her. When one of them turns up dead, she is named a suspect in his possible murder.

Tuesday, December 13 @ 10 AM
A black and white photo of a female and male gazing at each other

December 13 movie: 1946 Classic Holiday Fantasy. A young man, world-weary and heartbroken after giving up his dreams, requires the help of an earnest angel trying to earn his wings. RATED PG 

Tuesday, December 27 @ 10 AM
Picture of 2 Men Dancing

 December 27 movie: 1985 Historical Dance Drama. The plane of a Russian ballet dancer – who had defected to the US -- crashes in the USSR. There he meets an American living in Leningrad. Can they trust each other? They’ll need to – in order to escape to the US Consulate and freedom. RATED PG-13