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The team at Exeter Public Library is always available to answer questions, find a book, or help find references. Our staff shares a passion for literature and a commitment to ensure access of all library resources. Contact us at 603-772-3101 Main or 603-772-6036 Children's Room.

Hope Godino


Julia Lanter

Assistant Director

Denise Fears

Children's Librarian

Adult Services​​​
  • Loren Brooks

  • Laurie Corcoran

  • Cerys  Forster

  • Rhys Forster

  • Beth Kendall

  • Rachel Leonard

  • Shelby Lennon

  • Ashley Marstaller

Children's Room​​​​
  • Kathy Cardin

  • Sarah Collinge

  • Becca Gosselin

  • Liz Kane

  • Kelsey Lovejoy

  • Kirsten Rickershauser

  • Cynthia Mulcahy

Teen Services​
  • Chandra Boudreau

  • Julia Lanter

  • Amelia Buckley

  • Grace Gautreau

  • Chloe Hartnett

  • Sarah Medlock

  • Zeb Shriver

  • Torrin Tanner

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