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Library of Things

A Library of Things is a growing collection of items that will be available to borrow for an experience you may not have had the opportunity to enjoy before. 

 Keep visiting the library to see what may be available.


Adventure Packs

Adventure Backpacks for hiking trips will provide an opportunity to experience and enjoy nature. This backpack comes with a compass, magnifying glass, binoculars and guide books!  You may see things you never saw before and learn what is right there around you.  Enjoy the journey!



An Epson projector is available to use. It includes a case, remote and connective cables.



A Telescope will help you to see the constellations and to enjoy a scientific adventure. A headlamp is provided to assist in the darkness and guide books to enhance your education and give you the ability to reach for the stars!

Bluray dvd player.jpg

LG Blu-ray/DVD Player

A Blu-ray/DVD player is available to check out. It includes a remote and HDMI cable for connecting to a TV or computer.

Digital Camera.jpg

Digital Camera

Take some eye-catching pictures with a Canon Digital Camera. A memory stick and USB cord is included to upload your photos to print or share on social media.

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